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3 Bedroom Single Family Home - $419,500

About Tolland
The Town of Tolland Massachusetts was founded in 1810 and is located in Hampden County.

Tolland has a small population of only 426 year round residents.

Tolland State Forest is very popular during the summer season and is used for a number of recreational activities.

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Doing Everything All the Time... With Ice Cream on Top
Over the last 7 years, Aaron Cohen has started several businesses all loosely tied to people having a good time. Along with owning Gracie's Ice Cream, Aaron produces food/drink events such as the Bacon and Beer Festival and Whiskey Rebellion around the country. With an interest in staying well rounded, he founded an online art gallery, manages 3 wedding bands, and recently began producing a series of toddler dance parties. Prior to all this, Aaron worked in marketing and was passionate about internet culture, creating several viral web projects. The Jersey Shore Nickname Generator is one he's so embarrassedabout, he mentions it here.Aaron lives in Somerville with his wife, Jessie, two kids, Gracie and Callum, and two cats, Ducky and James. You can probably find him at the park with Gracie.

When: May 18, 2016 6 PM in Somerville, Massachusetts (Wed, 18 May 2016 18 )
Workforce Training Fund Information Session- Lowell
This information session provides an overview of all of the Workforce Training Fund programs. Topics covered include: the features and requirements of each program, funding availability, and application process. Following the information session, participants should be able to determine which grants are best suited for their business needs and know how to begin the application process. The information session lasts 2 hours and covers the following WTFP grant programs: General Program Express Program Direct Access Program (formerly Regional Training Capacity Pilot Program) Technical Assistance Grant For more information about the Workforce Training Fund Program, please visit our website:

When: Jun 23, 2016 8 AM in Lowell, Massachusetts (Thu, 23 Jun 2016 08 )
CWE Central MA - S - BYB - Grant Writing for Non-Profits
Designed for nonprofit business clients, this class will provide an overview of the grant seeking process including: Types of funders Researching grant opportunities Writing proposals Managing awards We'll also discuss "do's and don'ts", best practices and setting realistic expectations for your grant writing goals.

When: Jul 20, 2016 10 AM in Westborough, Massachusetts (Wed, 20 Jul 2016 10 )
CWE Central MA - BYB - Your Business Website - Organized, Optimized, and Effective
Your website is a key marketing element of your business and requires a good deal of thought and planning. Designing an effective website can be an overwhelming task. Jennifer O'Keefe, experienced website designer and owner ofGlickstorm LLC, will guide you through this process. This seminar will cover: Ways to simplify design to eliminate distractions How to effectively organize your information Developing your call-to-action Basic graphic design tips Improving functionality of the website How to decide whether to "do it yourself" or hire a professional You'll come away with fresh ideas, useful tips and resources to help you with your website! NOTE: This seminar will not provide instructions on the mechanics of building a website. Seminar is appropriate for business owners who do not have a website as well as business owners looking to improve their website.

When: Jun 15, 2016 4 PM in Westborough, Massachusetts (Wed, 15 Jun 2016 16 )
CWE Central MA - S-PYB - Steps to Starting a Business
If you are planning to start a business or are in the early stages of launching one, then this workshop is for you. In this workshop, you will learn to: Develop your business ideas and planning Consider your legal structure Discuss choosing a name and entity Learn how to obtain an employer identification number, licenses, permits and insurance Leave the session with an A-to-Z overview and specific tools and tips that will help you get started quickly Registration is required

When: Jul 27, 2016 4 PM in Westborough, Massachusetts (Wed, 27 Jul 2016 16 )
CWE Central MA - S-PYB - Legal Considerations for Food Entrepreneurs
Starting a new food related business can be overwhelming due to a myriad of regulatory and licensing requirements. This session will cover a number of legal issues related to food entrepreneurs, including: Food safety requirements, including commercial kitchen usage Meeting food licensing requirements Patenting recipes and products Liability issues

When: Jun 8, 2016 4 PM in Westborough, Massachusetts (Wed, 08 Jun 2016 16 )
CWE Central MA- S- PYB - Starting a Non-Profit
Do you have enormous passion around addressing a social issue or providing services to an underserved group of people? Do you have a great idea on how to address social issues in a way that you have not seen before? Do you want to start a non-profit so that you can put your good ideas to work? We will provide information on starting and running a 501(c)(3), including: Registration requirements Get state and federal approval Pros and cons of incorporating Filing your articles of incorporation Creating by-laws Licenses and Insurance Fundraising

When: Jul 13, 2016 10 AM in Westborough, Massachusetts (Wed, 13 Jul 2016 10 )
CWE Central MA - S-PYB - Pathways to Entrepreneurship: Becoming a Realtor
Have you always wondered if becoming a realtor was right for you? Many women find this is a great career choice for them, at any stage of life, and is one of many ways to be self-employed. This workshop will cover: the pros and cons of becoming a realtor the traits and skills necessary to succeed the different paths to becoming licensed how to break into the business working for a firm vs working on your own

When: Jun 13, 2016 4 PM in Westborough, Massachusetts (Mon, 13 Jun 2016 16 )
CWE Central MA - S - PYB - Pricing for Profitability
Often business owners price their products simply by marking up their cost. Although margin is an important consideration, it doesnt have any bearing on a customers perceived value and what they are willing to pay. Understanding your customers perceived value and pricing appropriately is as crucial to success as understanding your cost and breakeven. In this workshop, we will cover: Strategies to break even Strategic pricing Using mixed pricing strategies to reach various prospective customers value points Maximizing profits with various pricing strategies and tactics During the workshop, you will complete exercises to help you to develop profitable pricing strategies for your business. At the end of the session, we will apply what was learned to real-life scenarios.

When: Jul 14, 2016 10 AM in Westborough, Massachusetts (Thu, 14 Jul 2016 10 )
CWE Central MA- GYB - Writing a Compelling Business Proposal
This workshop is for business owners who are interested in responding to government or corporate RFP's (Request for Proposal), or placing bids for services. This workshop will cover: How to identify opportunities Elements of the RFP/RFQ process Determining if the opportunity is right for you and your business How to sell your business in the proposal Writing tips

When: Aug 16, 2016 1 PM in Westborough, Massachusetts (Tue, 16 Aug 2016 13 )
CWE Central MA - PYB - Marketing on a Shoestring
Competition for a spot in the marketplace and media is tough. Learn how to maximize your resources to gain visibility for your products and services. Find out how to market your product, determine and refine your target audience, and reach customers with the right message and the right media. Join us to learn effective, affordable ways to connect with your audience. Must register to attend. Partial scholarship may be available to those who qualify.

When: Jun 7, 2016 10 AM in Westborough, Massachusetts (Tue, 07 Jun 2016 10 )
HEALING HEARTS AND MINDS Meet new people! Breakthrough and overcome blocks, fear of commitment and intimacy. This is an interactive dialogue, we come together to learn methods and techniques that are life transforming. Introduction to co-create what we desire in our lives, followed by questions and answer and social interaction. About Zoe, she has studied spiritual development and meditation over 13 years and can help you connect to our universal source of energy in a loving and gentle way. She has great energy and loves to interact with people through her natural ways about her. $27 / PER PERSON Journal required and an open mind to explore. Sunday 4:00-5:30pm Starts May 22, 2016. Pls. Book on-line under schedule now - classes:

When: May 22, 2016 2 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Sun, 22 May 2016 14 )
3 Medium Event
* Image shown is drawing done upside down by Kristi during event next to the cell-phone photo of the recipient's passed brother which was offered after the drawing was completed. This event showcases three different types of communication with the Spirit Realm. Three very different woman, three ways of communicating with loved ones in Spirit, Spirit Guides, Angels and Archangels. Andrea Kukulka is a gifted healing medium connecting you to your loved ones in Spirit, your guides, angels and archangels to bring you information you need in your life right now. Andrea delivers messages of hope, love and healing to support you in your journey and reassure you that the loving relationships you had have not ended, only changed. Amy Antonellis brings information for support with moving forward in your life from your passed loved ones, Spirit guides and angels and Archangels. Along with Andrea and Kristi she taps into the same spirit energy and brings further clarification and deeper meaning to your reading. Kristi Johnston is guided by Spirit to draw images of loved -ones who have passed, angel guides or totem animals. She draws these upside down, contrary to her normal drawing method. These images bring additional confirmation that our time here on earth is not all there is, and the unseen world is real and accessible. The sketch is gifted to the person for whom it was drawn. The connection of these three women to each other and to Spirit provides a completely unique experience for all those in attendance. Individual messages are not guaranteed, however messages of love, healing and reassurance are sure to resonate throughout the room.

When: May 23, 2016 7 PM in Bridgewater, Massachusetts (Mon, 23 May 2016 19 )
Welcome to Summer at Nauticus!
Please join us on Friday, May 27th from 5:30 - 8:00 pm for our "Welcome to Summer Party". Learn what we've been up to this year (hint: It's a lot!) and reconnect with your summer friends. We'll have cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Suggested donation is $50 and you will have a chance to win either 2 tickets to see "Dead and Company" at Fenway Park on June 15th, with seats in the Red Sox Partners Suite. These are once in a lifetime tickets! Or you can get 2 tickets to see the Red Sox vs Texas Rangers on July 5th with seats 3 rows behind the Red Sox dugout.

When: May 27, 2016 5 PM in Osterville, Massachusetts (Fri, 27 May 2016 17 )
CWE Eastern MA - S - GYB - Kaufmann: Listening to Your Business
Kauffman FastTrac Listening to Your Business CWE Eastern MA June 7 Recommended for business with $50k+ in revenues looking to grow. [Kauffman logo] What do I want from my business? How do I get it? The day-to-day responsibilities of running your own business leave little time to focus on long-term vision, goals, and strategies. Find time in your schedule to spend it with Listening to Your Business, a new Kauffman FastTrac half-day workshop offered at CWE. Whether youve been in business for twenty years or one year, Listening to Your Business can align your vision for your business with the steps to get you there. This intensive workshop gives you the tools you need to take a closer look at where your business is today, what you want it to look like in three years, and the steps to get there. This 4-hour workshop provides you with the opportunity to: Examine your business today, including its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities Visualize your business three years from now Formulate an internal planning process to establish interim goals and strategies Identify resources to assist you in reaching your business goals Examine and respond to challenges and transitions In Listening to Your Business, you learn by doing. Workshop leaders are experienced entrepreneurs and talented facilitators, certified through Kauffman FastTrac. They guide you through a process of reflection, vision, and planning. They also help you put your plan in motion right away. Leave Listening to Your Business motivated and confident about the future of your business. Know your three-year vision and take steps to achieve your personal and professional goals. When: Tuesday, June 7, from 9:00am to 1:00pm Where: CWE Eastern MA 24 School St. 7th Floor Boston, MA 02108 Fee: $125 General Registration, $100 WBENC-Certified Women-Owned Business Must register to attend. Partial scholarships may be available to those who qualify. You may also be interested in: 10 Steps to Grow Your Business

When: Jun 7, 2016 9 AM in Boston, Massachusetts (Tue, 07 Jun 2016 09 )
Campaign Kick-Off!
I'd be honored if you would join me to officially kick off my state senate campaign with some margaritas and fajitas on May 4th! $20 Tickets for Fajita Buffet Cash Bar, 50-50 Raffles If you have any questions, please let me know via Facebook or email me at I look forward to seeing you May 4th!

When: May 23, 2016 6 PM in Quincy, Massachusetts (Mon, 23 May 2016 18 )
CWE Eastern MA - S - PYB - Keeping the Books: Basic Recordkeeping and Accounting
Keeping the Books: Basic Recordkeeping and Accounting CWE Eastern MA August 17 Whether youre just starting out or youre an experienced business owner, staying on top of your financial recordkeeping is critical to your success. This workshop will provide you an introduction to best practices in keeping books for your small business. Even if you have an accountant, this class will help you understand why good bookkeeping is valuable for effectively running your business. Also, you will learn the universal language of business. Topics covered will include: Bookkeeping terminology Records to track and organize Explanation of each financial statement Bookkeeping systems When:Wednesday, August 17 from 10:00am to 12:00pm Where: CWE Eastern MA 24 School St. 7th Floor Boston, MA 02108 Fee: $20. Must register to attend. Partial scholarships may be available to those who qualify. You may also be interested in: CEP: Business Planning Steps to Starting Your Business CWE Online Programs [link to Start Online:]

When: Jul 20, 2016 10 AM in Boston, Massachusetts (Wed, 20 Jul 2016 10 )
Commencement 2016

When: May 21, 2016 11 AM in Brookline, Massachusetts (Sat, 21 May 2016 11 )
Ryan Hartt & the Blue Hearts
Ryan joins Eddie Scheer's Tuesday Night All Stars

When: Aug 2, 2016 8 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Tue, 02 Aug 2016 20 )
Blue Devil Bluez
Blue Devil Bluez rocks The Skybox on Saturday June 11th.

When: Jun 25, 2016 8 PM in Southwick, Massachusetts (Sat, 25 Jun 2016 20 )
The Royal We

When: Jun 16, 2016 8 PM in Easthampton, Massachusetts (Thu, 16 Jun 2016 20 )
Blue Devil Bluez
Blue Devil Bluez will be bringing the Blues to the Beer Garden at The Munich Haus on Saturday June 11th. Show is from 7 to 11 outside in the Beer Garden.

When: Jun 11, 2016 6 PM in Chicopee, Massachusetts (Sat, 11 Jun 2016 18 )
Come out & experience The Quest Effect LIVE!!!

When: Jun 3, 2016 9 PM in Worcester, Massachusetts (Fri, 03 Jun 2016 21 )
Eva Cappelli
JJ's in July!! Love this room so much fun here I'll be bringing my friends back for more so make sure you get down here for the festivities we'll be playing a lot of good tunes while you enjoy the best pub food in the valley and the best beers in town!

When: Jul 23, 2016 6 PM in Florence, Massachusetts (Sat, 23 Jul 2016 18 )
Bruce Katz- Butch Trucks and the Freight Train Band

When: Aug 6, 2016 8 PM in Fall River, Massachusetts (Sat, 06 Aug 2016 20 )
Amanda Cote
Amanda Cote plays at the Pinecroft Farmers Market in West Boylston 10:30-12:00

When: Jul 10, 2016 10 AM in West Boylston, Massachusetts (Sun, 10 Jul 2016 10 )
Amanda Cote
Amanda Cote plays at Angela's Coal Fired Pizza

When: Jul 8, 2016 7 PM in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts (Fri, 08 Jul 2016 19 )
Amanda Cote
Amanda Cote returns to Pepperoncini's in Milford!

When: Jun 24, 2016 8 PM in Milford, Massachusetts (Fri, 24 Jun 2016 20 )
Mo Bounce
Mo Bounce is back in the fresh open sea air in Gloucester, MA at Captain Carlo's. Come out and party with the wildest town in MA. :) Love playing up in 'Glostah!

When: Aug 27, 2016 8 PM in Gloucester, Massachusetts (Sat, 27 Aug 2016 20 )
Lance Stinson

When: Jul 2, 2016 10 PM in Quincy, Massachusetts (Sat, 02 Jul 2016 22 )
Lance Stinson

When: Jul 1, 2016 10 PM in Quincy, Massachusetts (Fri, 01 Jul 2016 22 )
Show starts at 8pm, and runs to 1am.

When: Jul 1, 2016 7 PM in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Fri, 01 Jul 2016 19 )

When: May 5, 2016 7 PM in Lynn, Massachusetts (Thu, 05 May 2016 19 )
White Liger

When: Jul 21, 2016 7 PM in Pittsfield, Massachusetts (Thu, 21 Jul 2016 19 )
Misty Blues

When: Jun 16, 2016 7 PM in Pittsfield, Massachusetts (Thu, 16 Jun 2016 19 )
mystic vibe

When: Aug 20, 2016 8 PM in Hopedale, Massachusetts (Sat, 20 Aug 2016 20 )
Boston, MA:Preserve Your Vision!
Preserve Your Sight! Boston, MA The Macular Degeneration Association will be holding an awareness program in beautiful Boston, MA on Saturday, June 18th, 2016. At this FREE awareness program we will cover the following subjects: age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and Eye Vitamins: Helpful or Harmful?. The program starts at 8:30 a.m. with registration and breakfast and will end at 11:45 a.m. The Macular Degeneration Association provides a supportive learning environment for people living with macular degeneration, diabetic eye diseases and all vision disorders. Thishalf-dayprogram offers a forum to hear from a prominent doctor about the latest research, and new treatments, therapies, and clinical trials. At our programs you will hear from a patient ambassador about their journey with these diseases and their successful coping strategies. You will also have the chance to speak with other participants to learn about their successes and failures. Local vendors will be available to share valuable information.. Guest speakers: Retina Specialist, Richard Hamilton, M.D. and Greg Hines Dr. Hamilton practices at the Center for Retina & Macular Disease in Winter Haven, FL Dr. Hamiltongraduated from Harvard Medical School and served a vitreoretinal surgical fellowship at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He has conducted over 100 teaching and speaking engagements and served as a sub-investigator in dozens of clinical trials.. Register Early! Free Breakfast Provided Seating is Limited . Reservations required Two ways to registercall (941) 893-4387 or (855) 962-2852 you will hear music followed by a voice leave a message than

When: Jun 18, 2016 8 AM in Boston, Massachusetts (Sat, 18 Jun 2016 08 )
Children's Cove 15th Annual Golf Tournament In Memory of Phil and Priscilla Rollins
Monday June 13, 2016, 11:30 AM to 8:00 PM EDT The Ridge Club 70 Country Club Rd Sandwich, MA 02563-2791 Tournament Schedule 11:30 a.m. Registration & Lunch Bag drop for golfers Locker room available Driving range open 1:00 p.m. Shotgun start (Beverages and snacks on the course all day) Cash bar Dinner Raffles and Live Auction Individual player | $185 Foursomes | $700 Dinner only | $65 Benefits include: Green fees, cart, lunch, dinner, and favors Play The tournament format will be a scramble (rules listed on carts) Prizes Awarded To Top 3 foursomes Closest to the pin (men/women) Longest drive (men/women) Top team will receive their names on the Phil Rollins Memorial Award Sponsorship Opportunities If you're interested in sponsoring our golf tournamentvisit our Sponsorship Page. Sponsors Contact Event Details: Nancy Raymond Childrens Cove 508-375-0410 NRAYMOND@CHILDRENSCOVE.ORG Sponsorship: Children's Cove 508-375-0410 INFO@CHILDRENSCOVE.ORG

When: Jun 13, 2016 11 AM in Sandwich, Massachusetts (Mon, 13 Jun 2016 11 )
BWS @ Bee's Knees | Wine 101: Wine Tasting For The Complete Novice
At the Boston Wine School, we are a 100% Wine Snob Free Zone. We believe that learning about wine involves learning more about yourself. Our goal is to help you understand and communicate what you are experiencing when you are enjoying a glass of wine. "Wine Tasting For The Complete Novice" is really an ideal class for all levels - experienced wine adventurers who want to polish up their tasting skills, and those just starting their wine journeys. This 2 hour class will cover the "Big 4" grape varieties and the 4 major wine styles produced all around the world. Appetizers and an assortment of cheeses will be served during class to introduce some of the fundamentals of pairing wine and food. Tentative Menu TASTING CLASS Italian Sparkling Prosecco | New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc California Chardonnay | Argentine Ros of Malbec French Pinot Noir | Washington Cabernet Sauvignon PLEASE NOTE: This class takes place at our Allston Campus at The Bee's Knees, 1316 Commonwelath Avenue, Allston MA USA. The Boston Wine School is pleased to be offering some of our most popular classes at the Bee's Knees!

When: May 18, 2016 6 PM in Allston, Massachusetts (Wed, 18 May 2016 18 )
2016 Investors vs Entrepreneurs Golf Tournament
Join the GreenLight Fund at the International's historic Oaks Course for our 10th Anniversary Investors vs Entrepreneurs Golf Tournament!Our annual golf tournament brings together over 100 individuals from Boston's investment and entrepreneurial communities for a day of competition, networking and giving back. TheRyderCupstyletournamentisteambased: theEntrepreneursvs. theInvestors. Each foursome will have two representatives from the Investorteamand two representatives from the Entrepreneurteam. Players of all skill levels are welcome and will be matched up in like-minded foursomes by thetournamentco-chairs. Schedule of Events: 10am: Driving range and registration opens 12pm: Shot gun start, lunch will be available throughout the course 5pm: Golf wraps up 5pm - 8pm: Reception and awards Co-chairs: John Simon, Sigma Prime Ventures Sung Park, uMagination Labs; Greater Good Michael Trethewey, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 2016 Host & Sponsors: David Baum, Stage 1 Ventures Pete Cannone, Propel Marketing Matt Eaton, Square 1 Bank Jeff Fagnan, Accomplice Maura FitzGerald, Version 2.0 Communications Scott Friend, Bain Capital Ventures Phil Gager, Square 1 Bank Justin Kang, City Awake John Landry, Lead Dog Ventures Mark Levin, Third Rock Ventures Jim Lippie, Clarity Channel Advisors Matt Olton, EMC Lisa Pak, JP Morgan Sung Park, Greater Good; uMagination Labs Ben Pattison, Square 1 Bank Charley Polachi, Polachi Access Executive Search Christina Qi, Domeyard LP Jean Serra, Version 2.0 Communications John Simon, Sigma Prime Ventures Michael Trethewey, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Steve Zamierowski, Deloitte

When: Jun 22, 2016 10 AM in Bolton, Massachusetts (Wed, 22 Jun 2016 10 )
RNA-Seq Primer Workshop
RNA-Seq is emerging as a tool to study transcriptome changes through next-generation sequencing (NGS). Direct sequencing of cDNA or RNA offers greater resolution, sensitivity, and dynamic range for gene expression over microarray technology. Large selections of sample preparation methods are also available for RNA-Seq to generate data for questions that are previously difficult to address. This short RNA-Seq workshop will introduce next-generation sequencing technology for RNA-Seq experiments, basic experimental design, and analytical challenges to process the data. This short four-hour workshop is intended as a primer for researchers interested in adapting RNA-Seq technology for their research. The primary goals will be enabling participants to have the basic knowledge to plan simple RNA-Seq experiments and to understand the limitations of the data and subsequent analysis. Please note that this workshop will be lecture only with focus on the following topics: - RNA-Seq Technology Basics and Work Flow - RNA-Seq Data Quality Control - RNA-Seq Quantification and Differential Gene Expression Analysis - Basic RNA-Seq Experimental Design and Considerations Time: 8:30AM-12:30, Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 Location: Longwood Center, Room LC4054, 360 Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA 02215 Registration: Contact: for questions

When: Jun 28, 2016 8 AM in Boston, Massachusetts (Tue, 28 Jun 2016 08 )
Digger, 5 Bucks, Rebuilder, Yo Ticonderoga
When: Jun 24, 2016 8 PM in Allston, Massachusetts
Cost: Visit website for price range. (Fri, 24 Jun 2016 20 )
Ziggy Marley
When: Jun 19, 2016 8 PM in Hyannis, Massachusetts (Sun, 19 Jun 2016 20 )
Constructive Troublemaking: Personal Effectiveness for Change-Makers
You can have a spa treatment, work out with a personal trainer, talk with a leadership coach...or you can do THIS: An introduction to a personal effectiveness practice for people engaged in the work of social change. Social change is HARD. Whether you're in a cutting edge START-UP, a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE, or a NOT-FOR-PROFIT, you've chosen to devote your talents to change the world for the better. You're a Hero, a Warrior, a Do-Gooder...yet this work can be exhausting, frustrating, and even dis-heartening at times. This is where Troublemakers comes in, providing a personal leadership practice aimed at sustaining your resilience and resolve to be an effective Change-Maker. JOIN US for an introductory workshop on CONSTRUCTIVE TROUBLEMAKING. Learn about the Everyday Activism of authenticity, driven by radical empathy, achieved by using artistry for courageously creative conversations. JOIN US if you're a dedicated social change-maker, ready to dig into your truth, willing to make some inner Trouble for your self first, and committed to adopting a new discipline for how you approach your good work. It's the most unique leadership development experience you'll find! LEARN MORE ABOUT TROUBLEMAKERS HERE!

When: Jun 23, 2016 9 AM in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Thu, 23 Jun 2016 09 )
Joshua Powell / Ozymandias / Lisa Bastoni / LightDivides / Elliot Sheedy
8:00- 8:30Elliot Sheedy 8:40- 9:10LightDivides 9:20- 9:50Lisa Bastoni 10:05- 10:50Ozymandias 11:00- 11:30 TBA 11:40- 12:20 Joshua Powell & the great train robbery 7:30 DOORS // 21+ // $8 at the door, $5 advance

When: Jun 1, 2016 7 PM in Somerville, Massachusetts (Wed, 01 Jun 2016 19 )
Operation American Soldier Golf Tournament
Join us at Wayland Country Club for a day of golf, breakfast, lunch, prizes and raffles. This fundraiser allows us to continue shipping Cheerboxes to our troops. For more info call: Richard Corfield 508-889-5897

When: Sep 9, 2016 7 AM in Wayland, Massachusetts (Fri, 09 Sep 2016 07 )
"Painting for the Kids Fundraiser" Sponsored by No Thanks Needed at Breakaway Restaurant and Lounge Danvers, MA
Come join us for an entertaining paint and sip party hosted by Painting Under the Influence and No Thanks Needed for their "Painting for the Kids Fundraiser" at Breakaway Restaurant and Lounge Danvers, MA. Ticket purchase includes fundraiser donation, simple step by step professional artist instruction, and all the materials you need in creating your masterpiece! Paint party starts at 7pm and ends at 9pm, but we encourage you to come early to grab dinner or a pre-paint cocktail/beverage for a little liquid encouragement! No artistic experience necessary...we love our newbies! ***CASH RAFFLE ITEMS WILL BE PRESENT DURING THIS EVENT ***LIVE BANDS AFTER THE SHOW FREE WITH FUNDRAISER TICKET!!!! ***Food and drink is not included in ticket purchase ***Must be 21 or older to attend ***GROUPONS AND PROMO CODES NOT ALLOWED this is a FUNDRAISING EVENT!!!

When: May 21, 2016 7 PM in Danvers, Massachusetts (Sat, 21 May 2016 19 )
Mandorla Music presents Marc Friedman & John Morgan Kimock
A night of duo exploration from bassist Marc Friedman (Ryan Montbleau Band, The Mobile Trio, The Slip, Surprise Me Mr Davis) and drummer John Morgan Kimock (Bernie Worrell, KIMOCK, Mike Gordon Band).

When: Aug 6, 2016 8 PM to Aug 6, 2016 10 PMin Somerville, Massachusetts
Cost: 20 - 20 USD (Sat, 06 Aug 2016 20 )
Service Dog Training (What you need to know) - Springfield June 18, 2016
Service Dog Training: What You Need to Know Are you training a service dog or think you might want to train one for yourself or a family member? This fun, informative two-hour workshop by professional service dog trainer Sharon Wachsler will tell you what you need to succeed with service dogs for diverse types of disabilities. Topics include Access rights and laws for dogs in-training and working dogs Programs versus owner-training which is right for you? How to find the right candidate dog The Service Dog Training Path the steps in training When to consult with a trainer Demonstrations of service dog tasks Answers to your questions You will also receive a folder of service dog training information to take home. Registration covers two people. Dakin is wheelchair accessible. If you have other access needs, please contact Sharon as far ahead as possible so that we can provide appropriate accommodations. Email or call 978-544-8674. Note: THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR PEOPLE. Please leave your pet dog at home. Thank you! BIO Sharon Wachsler is a full-time professional, certified dog trainer who specializes in using positive methods to help people train their own service dogs. Sharon owns the dog training business, At Your Service Dog Training, LLC, in Wendell, MA. Sharon works with clients to train their dogs as canine assistants, including offering temperament tests and behavior assessments for candidate dogs, training for current pets, behavior modification and training when issues arise in working service dogs, adaptive training techniques and gear for disabled handlers. At Your Service also offers puppy and pet dog training in parts of Franklin County and the North Quabbin. Sharon has over 18 years of experience in the service dog community, 25 years of experience in the disability community, and continues to expand her expertise by attending dog behavior and training seminars, workshops, and conferences throughout the US. She is a graduate with distinction from the Dog Trainer Professional course of the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Behavior & Training and is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), International Association for Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP), and a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP). Sharon has written extensively on service dog issues. As founder of the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival, an award-winning writer for the IAADP newsletter Partners Forum, and owner of the popular service dog blog, After Gadget, Sharon has been a respected voice in the service dog community for over a decade. Contact Sharon at or 978-544-8674 to discuss how At Your Service Dog Training can help you take the next steps on your service dog journey.

When: Jun 18, 2016 1 PM in Springfield, Massachusetts (Sat, 18 Jun 2016 13 )
Speed Dating in Newton | Singles Event | Boston
Sophisticated Simplicity Our events offer a fresh alternative to speed dating and matchmaking in Boston. We don't find anything romantic about whistles, name-tags or over-the-top party trimmings typically found at singles events so we have done away with them. Creating an atmosphere that is at once casual and comfortable. It's what we call cheeky-chic! For those that prefer the same simplified experience in matchmaking we offer our 'Date Nights' free of contracts or commitments. It's as simple as selecting your package, telling us your preferences and allowing us to arrange the evening. Consider us your blind date specialists! Sought after for our popularity, the personal service we offer and an unparalleled selection of daters you want to meet. Speed Dating @ Crowne Plaza - May 22nd 2016 Ages: 24-38 | 6PM 320 Washington St, Newton, MA 02458 SpeedBoston Dating & Matchmaking

When: May 22, 2016 6 PM in Newton, Massachusetts (Sun, 22 May 2016 18 )

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